Tim Kliphuis

Violinist and composer Tim Kliphuis brings improvisation back in the concert halls with a personal style that connects classical, jazz and folk.

His recent CDs ‘Reflecting the Seasons’ and ‘Concertos’ were released on the Sony Classical label. Tim is a professor of improvisation at the conservatoires of Amsterdam and The Hague, where he works with the classical strings. His tuition book ‘Gypsy Jazz Violin’ is a bestseller; he gives masterclasses at festivals, competitions and conservatoires worldwide and at his own international gypsy jazz summer school, Grappelli-Django Camp. Tim’s latest book is “Improvisation for Strings” which serves as a reader for the Academy of Improvising Strings weekend.

Apart from his workshops on improvisation, Tim will work with the participants who are music teachers on how to integrate improvisation into their teaching practice.

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North Sea String Quartet

Extending the possibilities of string playing, the North Sea String Quartet composes, performs and improvises music that is inspired by folk from around the world.

The group has built a reputation as one of the most versatile string quartets of the Netherlands since its inception in 2016, performing nationally and internationally and collaborating with musicians such as Lílian Vieira and Roland Satterwhite.

Working with a repertoire that’s atypical for such instrumentation, the group has acquired a playing style that makes it possible to groove, harmonize and solo at the same time. In the string quartet workshop, they will shed some light on how they work.

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