Embrace your creativity

Are you a string player
looking for new ways of expression?

Led by the North Sea String Quartet, the Academy of Improvising Strings ignites creative exploration in string instrument musicians. With a focus on world music, jazz, and free improvisation, it’s the place to break boundaries and unleash your artistic potential.

Get Creative

Many string players nowadays are looking for other ways of expression than classical music alone, or feel limited by their dependency on sheet music. But when trying to improvise, most of them seem to get stuck one way or another. We know what it’s like! At the Academy of Improvising Strings, you’ll work on exactly these topics with professional players and teachers who know the tricks of the trade.

Meet & Play

The Academy of Improvising Strings is hubspot for like-minded musicians, both amateur and professional, from the Netherlands and abroad. It’s so beneficial to share experiences with musicians of your own level and to learn from each other. And it’s a lot of fun too!

Jam and Jam

In this digital era, with so much music at our disposal, people have gotten affinity with a wide range of musical styles. Why not integrate them in our own musical practice? At the jam session, a vital part of the day, you’ll get to have a go at a surprising mix of genres.

Coming Up

4 November 2023, Rotterdam

Creative String Day

One day fully packed with workshops, immersed in a friendly and loose atmosphere, exploring the realms of improv and rhythm with members of the North Sea String Quartet.

May 2024, Austerlitz

More information coming up in December 2023

3rd Junior Edition

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