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Thomas van Geelen

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Cellist Thomas van Geelen is the driving engine and ‘double bass’ of the NSSQ. Having intensely studied the playing style of cellists like Mark Summer, Thomas is able to lay down a foundation for any improvising string group. His familiarity with both classical and improvised music had him playing with some of the biggest soloists […]

Karin van Kooten

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After finishing her classical studies, violinist Karin van Kooten travelled Belgium and France to study jazz, specializing in gipsy jazz in particular and working with Didier Lockwood, among others. Her playing is as frisky as it is bold and provides the NSSQ with jazz and gypsy sounds. As a teacher, she’s been at the heart […]

Yanna Pelser

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A certified teacher in Resonance Training, Yanna Pelser has a rare talent for unifying a group’s sound through her own playing, making her the ideal violist for any string quartet. She has toured the world with several bands and orchestras, proving to be a versatile musician with an affinity for all kinds of music and […]

Pablo Rodríguez

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Nicknamed “King of the chop” by his colleagues, violinist and composer Pablo Rodríguez injects his music with percussion and groove, as well as improvising amazing, energetic solos. Apart from the NSSQ, Pablo’s duo with Cuban pianist Humberto Ríos receives international praise for their project Conversations, making it to the finals of the Keep an Eye […]