We did it! Our smaller, corona-proof camp was a great success and we are already planning the next edition. Thanks to all the participants who made of this second edition a truly emotional experiencie. Stay updated through our social media or send us an email at info@improvisingstrings.com

The String Camp of the year

Are you a string player who got stuck trying to improvise? A player looking for new ways of expression on your instrument? Or perhaps a string teacher, wanting to incorporate improvisation into your classes?

What to expect?
Three days of non-stop workshops, concerts and jams. You’ll work on improvisation, timing, phrasing, sound, expression, playing techniques and, if you’re a teacher yourself, how to incorporate improvisation in your teaching practice. Depending on your interest and level, you can spend more time on specific subjects with one or more teachers.
Who can apply?
All beginner, intermediate and advanced violinists, violists, cellists and double bass players between 14 and 84 years old, as well as teachers with an open minded approach to music and their instrument. Previous experience with improvisation is not required!

COVID-19 Health measures | Learn and make music in a safe and responsible way

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30 OCT – 1 NOV | De Glind – The Netherlands

Get Creative

Many string players nowadays are looking for other ways of expression than classical music alone, or feel limited by their dependency on sheet music. But when trying to improvise, most of them seem to get stuck one way or another. We know what it’s like! At the Academy of Improvising Strings, you’ll work on exactly these topics with professional players and teachers who know the tricks of the trade.

Learn to jam

In this digital era, with so much music at our disposal, people have gotten affinity with a wide range of musical styles. Why not integrate them in our own musical practice? At the jam sessions, a vital part of the Academy, you’ll get to have a go at a surprising mix of genres.

Meet and play

Of course, you’re not alone. The previous edition of the Academy has served as a meeting place for like-minded musicians, both amateur and professional, from the Netherlands and abroad. It’s so beneficial to share experiences with musicians of your own level and to learn from each other. And it’s a lot of fun too!

Improvisation for teachers

Just like performers, many teachers have been looking for ways to incorporate improvisation into their work. After many years of coaching classically trained players and teachers, world-renowned violinist Tim Kliphuis wrote a book full of ideas and ‘improv games’ for the classroom. String teachers taking part in the Academy will work with him on these ideas in a few specific ‘teachers workshops’.

Lessons aperitif

Warm up your instrument with our mini-lessons!

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